Calculations Are Faster Than Ever On Google Sheets As Speed Doubled For Chrome And Edge

Tech giant Google is on a mission to give desktop users enhanced speed for carrying out calculations while using Sheets.

The company just doubled the speed across Chrome and Edge for the Sheets platform, marking it as a significant improvement from what was seen in the past.

This would apply to both simple and complex calculations, no matter how big or small the file size is. Moreover, there will be a massive improvement when formulas are run, pivot tables are created, and conditional formatting is used, amongst other tasks.

The behind-the-scenes details were also brought to the spotlight where the company is said to make use of WasmGC so that codes are executed at the fastest pace. Did we mention how the latest tech is not going to replace JavaScript?

Before, users were forced to take part in calculations across Sheets using the server side of things. This is now transformed so that work is done at a faster pace and more efficiently throughout desktop class platforms online.

Google says the latest array of speed improvements can be found throughout its Chrome and Microsoft’s Edge. But at the same time, the tech giant does hope to include support for browsers that don’t support Chrome right now like Apple’s Safari and Mozilla’s Firefox.

Right now, the feature is up for grabs for all users on Workspace.

As far as the future is concerned, Google is on a mission to decrease load times and enhance copy-pasting features while bettering filter performances. You can see it as a mega strategy that the company wishes to embark upon to better scrolling and increase cell limits too.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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