Mark Zuckerberg Gives Insights On The Future Of AI While Shunning The Concept Of A Single AI Model

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg was recently seen sitting down for an interview where he provided insights on the future of AI.

The CEO explained how the company is going full throttle in the AI arena but he is not a fan of the concept of having just ‘one AI’ or a singular AI God.

Speaking to YouTuber Sane Sutter, Zuckerberg mentioned how his firm’s strategy in this field is not simple. It’s complex and does not solely include a single model as he feels the future would include making use of many AIs where different people can curate different things.

Other tech giants in the industry are indeed focusing on bringing forward a single model. We’ve got the likes of OpenAI and Google doing just that but for Meta, that’s not going to be the case as they wish to integrate more than one AI.

Image: Kallaway / YT

The general view of Meta involves interactions with different firms, individuals, and AIs to attain diversity in terms of the interests of people. Zuckerberg feels AI models that are open-sourced are where the future lies and where everyone can benefit. He added how a single firm indulging in hoarding to attain one product is not justified.

The Meta CEO called it a turnoff when he saw the tech world speaking of a single true AI because, in his books, that does not exist. ‘You are not creating God, this is tech and we need to understand that more than one is needed and possible’ - he added.

The CEO of Facebook’s parent firm seemed to have his discussion inspired by other experts who might pursue the AI concept like it was a religion, holy and sacred, where only one exists.

Many companies have been expressing concern in the recent past in terms of where AI stands and where it’s heading in the future. Discussions about it superceding the human race are another point worth mentioning. But Zuckerberg does not feel the same way.

Meta is indeed a clear participant in today’s AI race and it hopes to design systems that are not only powerful but diverse so users can curate their systems via the company’s tools.

While nobody knows what the future holds, Zuckerberg is certain that a single big and true AI is not going to happen. What do you think?

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