DuckDuckGo Launches Innovative Anonymous Built-In AI Chat For All Users

DuckDuckGo has jumped on the AI bandwagon as the company just rolled out an anonymous AI chat integration into the platform.

While the feature was said to be in beta in the past, it’s confirmed through a blog post from the firm today how it’s ready for launch to all users. And the best bit is, it’s free of cost to all.

The latest feature is diverse in nature, offering up to four different model preferences that ensure user identity is kept anonymous at all times while the user tries to attain access to popular systems in use today.

This includes OpenAI’s GPT 3.5 Turbo, Claude 3 Haiku and Meta’s LLama 3, amongst so many others to come. Moreover, such a feature is said to be free of cost and could be utilized within a day’s limit while switching off could be done with sheer ease.

The latest ordeal is said to be anonymous and the most popular means to attain access to the chatbots in use today. The company just rolled out more details on this front and which key points users can expect from the system.

For starters, all of the chats are private in nature and kept anonymous. Meanwhile, others will not be used for the purpose of AI model training, it further explained.

Secondly, you can find this simple on the page for search results under a tab designated as Chat or via a host of other leading shortcuts that take the user to the same interface. Thirdly, there are said to be plenty of improvements coming soon too. This entails adding a host of different chat models as well as entry points for browsers.

There is also some discussion about how a paid plan to get access to more usage limits might be in the works as more complex and modern models get included in the company’s current AI strategy.

What is interesting is how the AI chat integration also works great for Private Search. So this is great for those privacy advocates who might question the feature.

DuckDuckGo added through a statement on this front how any and all underlying models could store the chats for a temporary basis only but no means exists to have chats tied back to the user on a personal level as all metadata gets deleted.

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