Google Begins Crackdown On Popular AI Apps Generating Deepfake Nudes

Search engine giant Google is said to be involved in a major crackdown against AI apps that are designed to generate deepfake nudes.

The company is also busy working alongside top developers who are responsible for distributing such apps across Google Play in the hopes of gaining more money and fame.

AI-based undressing apps are not something new but it wouldn’t be wrong to mention how their popularity appears to be growing strong.

This is an attempt in line with Google’s current strive to end content that’s inappropriate or prohibited so to ban platforms that are involved in generating restricted content is the way to go right now.

Common themes that come under this banner include violence, sex, and offensive actions that are becoming so prevalent in today’s time. This is why the Android maker feels developers must embark on rigorous testing phases of AI apps and models to make sure they’re by the safety and privacy practices outlined for users today.

The company is also said to be cracking down against platforms involved in marketing goods that promote such instances as an app undressing individuals or those producing nudes. So in case such features come along, it could soon be barred from the Play Store. This is even though it’s found guilty of the act.

The rules come as the number of AI undressing platforms surged as seen across social media in the past couple of months. Seeing Instagram host ads for these platforms that are said to make use of AI for producing deep fake nudes is another area of concern. Other platforms are curated especially with a promise of undressing females without any additional cost.

While both Apple and Google are doing everything to pull such apps away from their stores, it’s a huge problem and continues to spread as we speak.

Meanwhile, there are plenty of educational institutions across the nation that have been reporting such issues for a while now. They blame such apps for the rise in hate crimes and bullying, not to mention harassment as more inappropriate material is being produced with ease.

And it’s not only high school students that are being impacted by those arising from middle school and that is why the issue is a big deal now.

The company mentioned how such policies are designed to keep platforms away from Google Play and they feature content made using AI that is curated to produce nothing but harm across the board.

All apps that don’t follow Google’s AI generation policy for developing content would be barred from existing, no matter how high they rank or how popular they’ve become with downloads.

There is also mention of how developers cannot advertise how the app is breaking Google’s rules as it goes against the company’s promotion policies. If that is indeed the case, the app would be deleted from the Play Store altogether.

But the search engine giant added how developers can still make use of close testing endeavors to roll out early variants of the apps with users so they could get the right kind of feedback.

The organization strongly suggested how developers need to roll out tests before they take part in complete launches and even after that, they might be requested by Google for further reviews later on in time.

Other than that, the company is also rolling out more resources on this front including a new AI Guidebook that’s designed to show greater support for developers creating such AI platforms.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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