Apple Brings Exciting Satellite Texting Functionality To iOS 18

Tech giant Apple has just rolled out a new addition to its satellite functionality for iOS 18.

The company says users can now avail the option of rolling out messages to others through an innovative satellite-based feature.

The rollout of Emergency SOS given to users enabled them to attain a means of communication and assistance when they did not have any means of Wi-Fi or telecom signals available or perhaps were far from the range.

During this year’s WWDC conference, the company mentioned how they were going to expand on this front and it looks like the iPhone maker has stayed true to its promise.
The first rollout for Emergency SOS through Satellite technology paved the way for users to attain assistance when they didn’t have enough signals and now it’s a part of iOS 18.

The name explains the offering as Messages via Satellite means allowing users to release messages through satellite tech. If you do not have any cellular service at hand or lack internet connectivity, you can generate texts via satellite as the Messages app would enable the ping feature via the satellite.

Similar to how Emergency SOS works, users must point their Apple device in the direction where they can see the nearest satellite. You can send and receive messages with ease through this means. Meanwhile, don’t worry about security and privacy here as all the messages are supported by E2E encryption and come fitted with support for all kinds of emojis as well as Tapbacks.

The new addition is going to be an integral part of the upcoming iOS update and is said to be rolled out for the fall season this year. But Apple is yet to speak about whether or not it’s going to be up for grabs at the time or not. What we can confirm is how the feature would receive support for iPhone 14 and those released after this.

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