TikTok Might Soon Gives Users The Chance To Bypass Apple’s App Store In-App Purchase System

TikTok might be well on the way to giving TikTok users the chance to make the most of a new option where they can purchase coins from the platform’s website directly and not just be barred from using Apple’s in-app purchase system.

The news comes to us thanks to media outlet TechCrunch who talked about some details on this front today in terms of the popular social media giant bypassing the App Store for making purchases online.

Some users have already been given the chance to use links for websites to buy coins instead of the classic in-app purchasing endeavor of Apple. And in case you don’t know, it’s major news considering how TikTok needs to pay the iPhone maker a staggering 30% commission for just that.

Meanwhile, one variant in discussion on this front informs users about buying coins through the TikTok page to prevent any service fees for in-app purchases. This includes direct links to the webpage.

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For now, the company is yet to share more insights on this front but keeping in mind such a new option means that it could soon be a possibility. But again, it’s only been said to involve a few users so it could well be just an experiment and therefore never to be launched altogether.

TechCrunch explained how one of its tipsters saw a new chance to make the purchase of coins through the web with accounts that dealt with a huge figure of coins over time. This might make many assume that the only way to get this feature is to become a big spender on the app.

In other news, the report also mentioned how such a feature that enables users to buy across the web would save a staggering 25%. And in many cases, people just see screens with messages like ‘try recharging on the TikTok website’ to prevent yourself from paying in-app fees.

Another link says ‘try now’ and more speak about potential savings. Then we have one that speaks about recharging on the TikTok website and similar ordeals like these that provide links without any added costs.

Users following such links are guided to websites for purchasing coins. And from such a place, you are provided with a range of options for making payments such as Apple Pay or through the use of debit and credit cards. Such websites remind people how any purchase made via the app would have a massive benefit of saving 25% and fewer service fees going to third parties.

For now, that’s all the information we have, and not a lot of it is coming from the company directly. But to know that TikTok is even exploring ideas on this front is a big deal as it hopes to revise the guidelines found on the App Store. Remember, in January we saw more on this front including how developers were adding links to provide alternative means for making payments on platforms.

However, if you’re a developer and you do agree to do this, you’re saying hello to paying a massive commission that can go up to 12% if you happen to be a member of the Small Business Program on the App Store. But that is 27% for other apps.

What experts feel is that it’s just a testing variant of the entire in-app purchasing system that makes the most of such changes. But we cannot forget how TikTok still has to pay the iPhone maker 27% in the name of commission which would backfire plans of giving people 25% off when purchasing through the website’s link, right?

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