WhatsApp Confirms Tens Of Millions Of Users Bypass Their Country Restrictions To Secretly Access The App

It wouldn’t be wrong to refer to WhatsApp as one of the world’s most popular platforms for messaging. And a new report from the BBC has just consolidated that finding.

WhatsApp says that it can confirm how tens of millions of users from all over the globe are accessing the platform despite it being restricted or barred in their nation.

These users make the most of tech workaround to get access and they’re doing it impeccably as usage on the platform reaches a new all-time high.

The report has people stunned and experts claim it’s mindblowing how many people were able to crack the code to bypass restrictions and get what they’re looking for and in this case, that’s easy and free access to the popular texting platform.

For those who might not know, the platform is barred in certain areas like North Korea, Syria, and Iran. Then in April of this year, we saw China join the list of countries that would not be allowing users to attain access to the secure messaging app.

Meanwhile, a host of other Arabian nations like Jordan, UAE, Qatar, and Egypt continue to bar users from making voice calls through this platform. But the company says they can see where most of their users lie and it's a lot in those places said to ban the platform. And that’s all thanks to the registered numbers people use when signing up for their accounts.

Speaking to the BBC recently on this very interesting topic, WhatsApp says it’s amazing how blocks are in place by government officials in these leading nations but users have found a reliable solution and still make the most of the app’s offerings with ease.

China forced Apple to block all users on iPhones from installing the platform through the App Store last month which the company says is highly unfortunate and seriously regrettable. And that’s even though the market was never a leader for the company to begin with.

This is a decision that WhatsApp feels Apple made and the fact that no alternatives are present is sad. But if you happen to be using Android, things are brighter as they can install the platform via the official channel.

Meanwhile, the growing rise of VPNs and the platform’s proxy network that was rolled out in June of 2023 has assisted in making the platform easily accessible.

It’s both WhatsApp and Signal that are known for their great secure texting services with E2E encryption. Therefore, it’s not only the sender but also the receiver who has access to the content online.

Meanwhile, Chinese officials barred Telegram and forced the deletion of the microblogging platform Threads.

Internet freedom was once a luxury but today, not everyone has access to that despite it being a key part of democracy. And WhatsApp knows that the idea of having open internet is under threat as the struggles keep rising on this front.
The company says it takes an immense price to roll out secure communication that’s free from surveillance of officials and governmental censorship. But the struggles and everyday challenges for companies like WhatsApp continue even as we speak.

Let’s not forget how the company deals with matters like ending its E2E encryption as nations like the UK think law enforcement agents should be given access to criminals’ texts. And debates on that front continue. So yes, it’s never-ending and challenging but Meta and its Whatsapp platform are doing their best.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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