OpenAI Equips ChatGPT With New Memory Feature But Not All Users Can Benefit

Tech giant OpenAI has made headlines around the world after its ChatGPT rollout.

Now, we’re hearing more about the company equipping the powerful AI tool with a new memory feature but wait, not all users can benefit.

The latest feature enables users to provide training to the large language model via a more personalized means but if you’re located in countries like Korea or happen to be in Europe, you are surely being left out for some odd reason.

The biggest reason why AI tools like ChatGPT and a host of LLMs continue to reign supreme today is the fact that they received training from millions of people from all over the globe. What is interesting is how you might have never known whether your work contributed to the training process or not.

The latest models would take whatever they’ve learned from various sources and the web to enhance their knowledge from the start. Obviously, separate users have unique personas than what is witnessed as a whole around the globe.

The tool is currently involved in rolling out a new endeavor dubbed Memory that keeps a count of what it needs to remember for its respective client that is using it. In the same way, the feature is said to have a togging option that can be found in settings and would be only available to those who pay a little more than others. So yes, having the Plus tier is the perk.

Therefore, those with free tiers or those having no accounts cannot benefit on this front from the latest rollout.

Memory is for all those having ChatGPT plus accounts and it can be made use of so easily. Simply begin new chats and inform the tool about anything that you would like it to recall. And that’s it.

You can switch the feature on or off as per your liking but remember again that those in the EU or Korea are yet to have access to it but we don’t see why it can’t be coming soon.

One example post went on to describe how the company just rolled out a demo for the latest feature on the tool. As soon as the user informs the chatbot about something related to their pet, the tool notes that down like a memory and displays it again through a tag dubbed memory update that is found above the reply.

When you see that subject popping up again, the model remembers the details from the past and provides a reply accordingly on what it remembers regarding that user.

It’s also interesting to note how memories could even be deleted. The company says that this latest feature would soon be launched for those with Plus accounts and again delineated those that are yet to have access in certain parts of the world.

This might have to do with plenty of regulations in those parts of the world that are yet to be catered to by the tech giant like barring the tool from retaining certain things perhaps.

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