Super-Colleague AI: Sam Altman Envisions Intelligent Assistants for Everyone

Sam Altman envisions AI as your ultimate sidekick, knowing everything about you without feeling invasive. It's like having a "super-competent colleague" who doesn't need constant hand-holding. This AI should dive into tasks headfirst, tackling the simple stuff effortlessly and taking a crack at the more complex ones, only bothering you if it hits a snag.

Altman's goal isn't just to create another chatbot; he wants AI to be a real-world problem solver. Right now, OpenAI's offerings, like ChatGPT, are useful but not quite up to Altman's standards. Despite being dubbed "dumbest model" by Altman himself, ChatGPT is already helping workers with various tasks, from coding to email writing. But there's excitement brewing about what's next.

Altman hasn't spilled the beans on when this dream AI will hit the market or how advanced it needs to be. While OpenAI's current tools like Sora and DALL-E are impressive, they still require significant human guidance. However, there's hope on the horizon with GPT's next model (that could be GPT-5), OpenAI's upcoming language model.
GPT's upcoming model promises to be a significant leap forward, according to insiders who've caught a glimpse of its capabilities. There's even talk of a service where users can instruct an AI agent to handle tasks autonomously. While rumors suggest GPT-5 could arrive mid-year, Altman remains tight-lipped, simply responding with a cryptic "Yes" when questioned about its release date at a recent event in Massachusetts.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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