OpenAI’s Sam Altman Denounces His Own Creations By Calling ChatGPT's GPT-4 Model ‘Dumb’

One thing about OpenAI CEO Sam Altman that the world loves and cannot get enough of is his honesty. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that his recent remarks about OpenAI’s offerings are turning heads at a recent Stanford University Q&A session.

Altman was brutally honest and raised eyebrows when he said the ChatGPT and GPT-4 that the tech world dubs revolutionary are actually dumb and lack that phenomenal edge.

He further delineated on this front how they are products that most people would not return to use in their lifetime despite the massive popularity it has enmassed in this short period.

This has to do with an emphasis on shipping models early on to really see what the results would be.

Meanwhile, other clips from the interactive session had him mentioning that he could care less how much money the company was wasting each year. Whether it was $500 million, $5 billion, or $50 billion every year, it just didn’t interest him too much on that front.

His major focus was staying on a path with the planned goal or objective of producing tools that impact society as a whole and add value to people’s lives. As the firm tries to understand how to make more money and get bills paid, they would continue developments in the world of generative AI which would be costly but results would really add up in the long run.

We first saw his company bringing the revolutionary tech in the year 2022 and that left people in awe by just how capable it was. Now, he’s suggesting that stronger and better variants of the tech must be considered for the future.

The point is that OpenAI wants an expansion of its respective empire. This is why the team has rolled out Sora. For those still wondering, it’s a big-scale AI variant that transforms text prompts by the user to generate one-minute-long videos of high fidelity.

Meanwhile, the software would give rise to content through such text prompts and even use pictures and videos that come from material that already exists so you don’t need anything new.

It’s a new and revolutionary rollout that could really pave the way to greatness in the world of Hollywood, he added. In the same manner, we could see this democratizing producing content by giving creators the chance to produce more cost-effective content too.
We just saw Sore roll out a music video through text prompts for the first time. It was created with the help of OpenAI’s text-to-video generator and is yet to be rolled out for public use. But the content is said to be dreamy and is getting rave reviews, making people excited about how bright the future is in this context.

In case you’ve missed out on it, it’s found across the YouTube app and was designed for famous musician Washed Out. While it’s created using AI, it lasts for four minutes and entails fast zoom shots via various scenes. These get edited as one to produce shots that give the illusion of endless movement.

So yes, the future is bright for OpenAI and it’s not just the popular AI chatbot that people can rave about, despite the company’s own CEO being far from impressed by the products of its own lineup.

But we have to adore Sam Altman for being so honest and speaking his mind, despite realizing the consequences of his own actions. What do you think?

Image: DIW-Aigen

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