Google’s Firing Chronicles Continue As Terminated Employees Accuse Company Of Unlawful Retaliation

Google made plenty of heads turn when it chose to fire employees that it states took part in pro-Palestine protests that arose after the company signed deals regarding its controversial Project Nimbus.

The tech giant stood by its actions and confirmed that it did nothing wrong and those who chose to embark on ‘terrorism’ and unlawful means of protests at the company’s offices were served the consequences of their actions.

But now, more reports are shedding light on how some employees being terminated are not going to sit silent as they feel they are being accused of something that they never did.

Image: DIW-Aigen

One such story includes a leading software engineer who was shown the door by the company after it was alleged that he took part in internal protests at the firm’s offices. But he states that Google is retaliation against him for simply watching from afar as people showed dismay at the firm’s contract with Israel.

The former worker from Google chose to disguise his identity but claimed he arrived at the office’s 10-floor lounge after hearing a lot of commotion take center stage at the company’s NYC office during lunch hours.

When he arrived, he witnessed close to 20 people on the ground and he did not interact with any seated. But those standing did catch his eye so he asked them more details about what was taking place and they handed him flyers. He even noticed how they all had matching shirts on.

The former employee then chose to go back to work, arriving at his front desk and then again arriving to see the protest start at 5pm. He strongly condemned the action taken by Google against him because he did nothing wrong other than observe and speak to protestors for four minutes and that too on a general level.

After ending the workday, he went home and got back to work the next day. But to his horror, he found a new email on his account that was a termination letter.

He strongly feels Google’s role in this all is to crack down against anyone in the organization that it feels has a voice and speaks for the truth. He was working in Google for three years and even became a part of the parent firm’s leadership hence this termination is not something he had ever envisioned.

At the start, the search engine giant put nine of its workers on administrative leave for occupying offices in NYC and Sunnyvale as the employees did not agree with the firm’s decision to sign Project Nimbus which was a contract worth billions and would serve cloud computing services to Israel.

All such employees were arrested by the police and then the tech giant terminated 28 others for having links to the demonstrations. Furthermore, an internal memo was rolled out by the company’s head of security who claimed if necessary, they would be taking further action against them.

The huge majority of workers in the company try and do what they feel is right, Google added but if someone tries or feels like they can get away from violating policies, then they’re wrong, it continued.

Google added how it feels matters like this are very serious and such disruptive actions and violent behavior can never be tolerated.

But less than seven days later, we saw the tech giant fire close to 20 others despite people stating they had no role in the protests but may have silently observed what was happening. This is why workers are now launching unlawful retaliation complaints against the firm and want their jobs back.

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