OpenAI COO Confirms Future Versions Of ChatGPT Will Offer Drastic Upgrades That Put Today's Models To Shame

A top executive at OpenAI is shedding light on the future of GPT technology and how future versions of the revolutionary and popular tool are sure to make the current existing one appear bad.

We’re talking about some serious upgrades on this front and while the world awaits for the company to roll out GPT-5, just know that the future is bigger and brighter as explained by COO Brad Lightcap.

Speaking during a recently held Global Conference at the Milken Institute, he mentioned how the world can expect nothing but drastic upgrades, and seeing him hype up the technology was very interesting.

And we’re talking about a timeframe that’s close to one year from today and how new offerings might just put today’s rollouts to shame. This comment was a response to OpenAI’s future plans and how he sees AI systems impacting the world of tomorrow.

Lightcap added how the system today is very Oracle-based and we do not see this as a form of engagement model that’s running in the long term as bigger and better models are expected to arrive soon.

Image: Vimeo / Milken Institute

We might soon be shifting into a world where AI models would be capable of taking on much more complex tasks than simple text prompts like what is seen today.

These kinds of results promise to give rise to some assertive relationships with users he added and AI is going to soon be declared as a human’s best friend and teammate.

But with the emphasis on changes of the future being so drastic, one can only begin to imagine what to expect on such fronts. “It’s like you’re talking to your best pal or a colleague in the workplace”- he continued.

As it is, CEO Sam Altman has been trying to hint to the world how future upgrades with GPT would be an absolute game changer. Remember, GPT-4 was deemed to be a dumb model by him and not something he happens to be proud of while speaking at Standford University.

Remember, Lightcap was also seen downplaying how there are so many concerns linked to generative AI and how it could replace humans and lead to massive layoffs too. Instead, he focused more on speaking about how AI programs shortly would spark serious demands for a host of jobs that are not envisioned.

His prediction was more related to diversified economies and resilience while predicting how the workforce would adapt to serious changes in technology.

But what really concerns the AI executive is how people aren’t quick enough to adopt AI technology and the brilliance that it brings forward. He feels that if that were the case, the world’s economy would be booming and GDP rates would touch the sky. And to fill in the gaps we have, AI is the means to turn toward and reap benefits from as tech advancements can make all the difference.

Furthermore, another growing concern that the world of AI keeps facing is electricity demands. OpenAI is making way for the creation of smart AI systems that would need state-of-the-art and cutting-edge GPUs.

It’s a huge risk and a massive investment and OpenAI does realize that. It’s a huge divergence and the biggest hurdle that society is going to witness on this front is grappling with this shortly. So it’s a wild and exciting ride but OpenAI is prepared for it while the rest of us must just wait and watch as it unfolds.

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