TikTok Challenges US Ban As ‘Unconstitutional’ With New Lawsuit Against Federal Government

Popular social media platform TikTok is not planning on sitting silent after being banned by the US Government.

The company has opted to take legal action against the Federal Government with claims that such acts are unconstitutional and therefore it would be challenging all the claims made against it.

TikTok added how selling or breaking up the platform to steer it away from its parent firm is unlawful and not an act that it would plan on taking part in, anytime soon. So if that means shutting down operations in the US markets, then so be it. But it does not hope to go down without a fight and this new legal case is proof of just that.

TikTok delineated in the lawsuit how separating from ByteDance is not possible and the law highlighted by the government is against the nation’s own First Amendment. They further added how the Act dubbed Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications is simply not an option but a means to try and shut the platform’s business operations down in the US.

Be it on technical, legal, or commercial grounds, the decision is unlawful and just not possible. And filing such legal cases is said to be just the first case in a long legal ordeal regarding this law that came into play last month.

Under the new governing rule, the platform has been given just one year to walk away from Chinese parent company ByteDance or face the consequences that entail a complete ban of the platform in American App Stores. But with legal challenges rolled out by the company, we could see a huge delay on that front.

As it is, the country’s activists standing for free speech and digital rights are in great opposition to such rules, adding how it could give rise to more similar bans taking center stage. In this legal case, TikTok put out similar arguments and alleged how risks to national security were still not proven by the country while the accusations remain significant yet baseless.

TikTok rolled out statements that spoke about how Congress circumventing the country’s own First Amendment in the name of national security and forcing apps to shut down was just wrong.

The company also says that the Act failed to highlight TikTok as a threat and statements made by lawmakers in Congress were just a mere representation of concerns regarding the possibility of the app being misused soon without evidence being cited.

Similarly, The filing references Project Texas, where the firm’s investments worth several millions were made to try and separate American user data from other security measures.

This is due to negotiations with Committees linked to foreign investments in the country. Such were stalled with time as the company was informed about how it wished to have TikTok divest from ByteDance.

Now TikTok claims that during such discussions, it did make agreements about options such as a shutdown. This would provide the government with the authority to enable suspension of the platform in the country if any terms and conditions of the agreement had undergone violation.

TikTok added how Congress tossed all sorts of tailored agreements on one side due to it being politically expedient. And that’s not something it appreciated.

For now, it’s going to be interesting to see how all of this unfolds and what decision does come out in the end after the long legal battle ensues.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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