Google’s Future Focuses on AI, Says Former CEO

Former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt shared insights on the future direction of Google. He emphasized that the company’s focus is shifting from traditional search methods to advanced Artificial intelligence capabilities.

Schmidt, who spoke on CNBC, highlighted that Google’s core mission has always been about organizing the world’s information, not just providing links to websites.

According to Schmidt, the era of browsing through lists of blue links on Google Search is evolving. The company is transitioning to an AI-driven model where direct answers are provided to users, rather than links.

Image: DIW-Aigen

This change aligns with current Google CEO Sundar Pichai's vision of transforming Google Search into what's termed the Search Generative Experience over the next decade.

Schmidt, who has a deep understanding of Google's operations and strategies, also touched on the potential of AI in revolutionizing advertising. He argued that AI could make advertising more effective by leveraging advanced technologies that were already being explored during his tenure at Google.

Schmidt firmly believes that AI will enhance advertising rather than diminish its significance. Furthermore, he expressed that AI technology is still not fully appreciated for its impact. He mentioned that the development of AI is accelerating and predicted that significant advancements are expected much sooner than previously anticipated, possibly within the next five years.

Schmidt's remarks underline a significant shift in how Google plans to utilize AI, not just for improving search functions but also for enhancing advertising efficacy.

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