New Chrome Feature, Video Chapters Mimics YouTube's Functionality, Aiding Navigation on Websites

According to a new post on Chrome’s status page, Google is going to add a new feature to its Chrome browser that will make videos break into chapters for easy navigation on websites. This feature is similar to how video chapters work on YouTube videos. This ‘Video Chapters’ feature is a based on Media Session API which is a part of the MediaMetadata interface. This API collects all the data used by a device’s user interface and helps in showing different artists, titles and other information to the user.

The advantage of adding video chapters in videos is that users can easily watch specific parts easily without wasting their time finding the parts they want to watch. When a video is transformed into chapters, each chapter of the video has its own preview and title, making it easy to find and rewatch the parts users want. The video chapters on YouTube work in a way that creators can either break the video in chapters manually or the YouTube does that for them automatically. Google Chrome will use the interface of MediaMetadata to get the same features on websites that will help in breaking videos into video chapters.
Google also wrote on the Chrome status page that video chapters will be added with the W3C API update on the platform. The feature will be added to the blink layer after adding ‘ChapterInformation’ to MediaMetadata. The ChapterInformation will be applied to audio as well as video as MediaMetadata works for both. Google will add this feature in Chrome for Desktop 126 and this will help in the easier navigation of videos.

Google announces Chrome's upcoming feature: 'Video Chapters', streamlining video navigation akin to YouTube's chapter functionality.
Image: DIW-Aigen

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