Google's Mission To Simplify Search Continues With The Introduction Of A Text-based Web Filter And AI Overviews

Android maker Google has just rolled out a host of new and exciting AI-powered features to enhance users’ Search experience.

The features will be up for grabs to everyone very soon and amongst those being talked about include a new Web filter added for simplicity but it cannot be deactivated.

While many call this move of Google revolutionary, considering how Search will never be the same again, we can only begin to imagine how users will be delighted with what’s on offer.

The thought of having more layers above the usual 10-blue links might sound daunting to some people. But for others, the company says the Web Filter feature is created to add simplicity.

The company was first created nearly 25 years ago and during that time, the search engine was a concept that came under the headline of simplicity. All Google needed to do was embark on web crawling to bring forward the right websites in demand that gave users what they needed or asked for in the search.

But as years went by, the classic concept started to change.

This year, Google Search is all about new or additional layers. You’ll see some results bring forward results for shopping while others feature snippets from a certain online page. Now, we’re hearing more about Overviews included across such a mix where generative AI is used to make a summary of various results online and that means you could never leave Search.

You can think of the latest AI Overviews as Knowledge Panels and Featured Snippets. So you cannot deactivate it, no matter what as it’s built into the system.

You will find it on so many searches, including those places where questions are asked. In turn, you’re pushing classic web links down a page, and sometimes out of view as a whole.

You’ll find AI Overviews appearing across so many searches if someone asks questions. This means pushing classic web links downward, at times, out of view completely.

This way, Google says it can add the latest Web Filter for Search, and therefore it would be working in a manner that’s so much more like how search filters, pictures, and videos function on the platform. While you don’t have particular replies to a question, you can find a reply on the web, similar to what Search was focusing on.

For now, it’s not quite clear how and when the latest web filter will roll out across Google Search. But we feel it can be found along the launch of AI Overviews.

The company did add how members do find such features very helpful but the addition of the latest filter just makes things so much more simpler to attain links when users wish to do so.

In the company’s words, this latest Web Filter initiative displays links based on text only. It’s quite like filtering to display various kinds of results like pictures or video. Here, the filter pops up at the top of the page for results where other filters can be found. Furthermore, you can find it being included in the option for ‘More’ that is launching today.

It’s quite clear that Google is on a mission to make Search so much more simpler than what it used to be, once upon a time. But how much such AI-powered offerings are going to be loved by the masses, only time can tell.

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