Did OpenAI Misuse YouTube For Training Purposes? Google CEO Says It Hopes To ‘Sort Things Out’

New reports have speculated how the makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI may have misused YouTube while training its AI models.

The matter was again brought to the attention of Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai who says they do hope to sort things out with the AI startup soon. And by that we mean a discussion might be lined up as to what exactly happened.

Pichai revealed how the question should be aimed in OpenAI’s direction in terms of whether or not it did or didn’t use the popular video-sharing app for AI model training purposes. The news comes after OpenAI rolled out its latest model that has the capability of generating videos, something that has never been done before.

We know that the head of OpenAI technology mentioned a few months back how she was not sure if training of AI models was done via content taken from YouTube. The model in question at the time was Sora which the AI giant had just rolled out in 2024.

All that was spoken about on this front was how data available to the public and that which was licensed was made use of. That was followed up by a report speaking about the NYT reporting on how OpenAI was using millions of hours worth of content from YouTube videos for its own benefit.

When questioned about whether or not the Android maker had plans to sue OpenAI if such was the matter, no specific mentions were made by the Alphabet CEO in this regard. He was hushed throughout and failed to comment if anything had been violated and what Google’s next course of action would be regarding this front.

He did reveal how OpenAI needed to do the talking because Google has made it very clear in its terms of service what it does and does not allow. If not followed, things must be sorted out, he added.

Pichai did mention to Google how it’s got so many systems in place to determine whether or not OpenAI failed in terms of obeying its rules. There were newspapers in The New York Times that were designed to take aim at the AI giant for failing to follow copyright laws and train models with their respective content.

Right after the interview with Alphabet’s CEO, we saw a keynote delivered to the company’s developers at the I/O event. So many executives mentioned how the latest AI models could produce synthetic videos. Hence, anyone wishing to attain early access would receive approval from the search engine giant.

We saw OpenAI try to take command of Google’s tech conference by having its own much anticipated live-streaming event on Monday. This is where it rolled out its GPT 4o and showed the world how holding conversations was so much more life-like now. You could even interrupt the assistant and enable it to analyze what is displayed in the front of the device’s camera. We saw the company share a host of capabilities of a similar kind.

When asked about this, Google mentioned how they were not aware of the product being shipped out for users yet. It was just a model demo and therefore it’s not up for grabs yet, he added.

But OpenAI did reveal at the start of this week how subscriptions for the ChatGPT Plus would be rolling out the feature of voice mode, weeks ahead of time. In the same way, Pichai shed light on how Project Astra featuring chat features would roll out to Gemini during the latter part of this year.

There seems to be a clear sense of how to approach things and get things right as mentioned by Pichai. So far, the search engine giant has managed to reduce costs linked to adding AI to search by nearly 80%, right after it displayed a preview in 2023.

Google hoped to roll out AI Overviews in Search very soon so that all users can benefit from a host of unique and helpful features when looking for results on its platform.

We do know about Apple’s upcoming WWDC that’s scheduled soon and will be held in California. This might be where we see the final unveiling of Gemini to iPhones. Speaking in this line of context, Google mentioned how it’s been making the most of its links with Apple with the pair having a great working bond that has strengthened with time.

The company has given Apple 36% of advertising revenue from Search that’s linked to the Safari browser. And as a whole, Google says it does share a good experience within the entire iOS ecosystem.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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