Google Begins Revolutionizing Its Search With Innovative AI-Powered Features

Google Search is getting a revamp with the addition of new and exclusive AI-powered features.

The company has started adding a host of exciting and innovative features across both its search and search labs while also giving searchers in the US the chance to benefit from AI Overviews.

There’s a host of options available including reasoning, AI Search, Google Lens, and whatnot. And we’re covering each of them in detail for you below.

For starters, Search Labs will have the ability to Adjust Overviews so that it’s more simplified or broken down to reveal details. When you press on the tab for Simpler, users get the most basic response and when the Break Down feature is selected, you get detailed responses. Hence, what you get in the end is the chance to simplify things for in-depth replies in the most refined manner.

You can see this feature arriving soon across Search Labs and will be related to all English questions for those based in the US.

Next up, the company is launching a new multistep reasoning offering that uses Gemini for logic. Instead of breaking down complex searches, users will now have the chance to ask complex questions and expect logical responses.

Google rolled out a few examples on this front of what users can expect. For instance, you search for yoga and can even ask for the best ones or those offering discounts for newbies.

Google’s next rollout entails planning capabilities which are designed to give you the chance to plan your needs across Google. You can co-create a host of different things that will give rise to various links online. These results are exported and replaced with more options seen across plan sets. In addition, you’re not just seeing search results but also planning it along.

For instance, you can look for the likes of ideas for meal plans that are simple to make. You can even get starting points with different recipes online and then switch things around, followed up by an export to Google Docs.

The search engine giant has also unveiled search results that are more specific to certain topics so AI can be used for greater organization. This gives you the chance to brainstorm answers to questions. So what users will see is search results put under specific categories which are one of a kind and entail headlines based on what AI has created. It would entail all sorts of perspectives and types of content.

From movies and recipes to books and travel, you’ll see all options across Search.

Last but not least, Google is rolling out another unique endeavor called Lens Search featuring video. This forces users to record content like videos and ask queries while they are taking part in the recording. The company will generate responses depending on what queries are asked. As you can imagine, it just takes the whole visual search ordeal to new extremes as users ask questions supported by videos.

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