OpenAI Introduces New Conversational GPT-4o Model With Fresh Upgrades For ChatGPT During Live Stream Demo Event

The cat is finally out of the bag and the announcement that’s been building up anticipation from OpenAI for weeks is finally here.

The company just made a huge ‘Spring Update’ during a live stream demo session. This was the rollout of a new conversational flagship model called GPT-4o. The company says this venture would seek to bring forward GPT-4 level tech to the world and that includes those who are free users.

The latest GPT-4o model whose o represents Omni is designed to provide reasoning in real-time for all kinds of content like text, videos, voice, and vision. This livestream event was kicked off today by the company’s CTO Mira Murati.

The famous makers of ChatGPT also made some serious upgrades to the current GPT tool in the works while rolling out ChatGPT technology for desktops like macOS and another refreshed UI that’s designed to ensure this chatbot is so much simpler in usage and natural in design.

The company admitted how models do tend to get so much more complex as days and time pass by but their goal right now is to ensure the whole collaboration and not any UI process.

This latest design ensures enhanced quality and speed in different types of languages, going up to a limit of 50. So that means the masses can benefit from the entire experience as so many people are involved.

It’s also said to provide the most real interactions between humans and PCs as it can accept a combo of various content styles as released by the company recently.

Remember, this would be the first chatbot based on AI that can copy human chats to the core and that’s something OpenAI has been trying to achieve for a while now.

As demonstrations proved through the live screening event, the CEO added the term ‘Her’ in reference to a famous Hollywood movie. And it was amazing to see the response that the new model was able to generate through another new window that matched the speed of the GPT-4 Turbo.

This particular chatbot is designed for even the smallest variant of audio inputs that entails an average duration of 320 milliseconds.
We know that users can talk to it and attain replies in real time but what was another cool feature worth a mention is how the chatbot could be interrupted while it starts talking.

So some compared it to the likes of speaking similar to AI from films. For many, Altman admitted that speaking to a computer was never real or life-like. It just felt fake but today, that’s not the case and this kind of interaction is what they’ve been in search of for so long.

Plenty of other examples were demonstrated to just prove how great of a chatbot this new conversational variant is and how it all happens naturally, bringing out great efficiency for all to follow.

The tool is free for all and will be up for grabs to a bigger audience very soon including the likes of developers, OpenAI confirmed. This would give them great intuitive processes to benefit from.

The fact that there are vision abilities built into this tool means users could put up images, documents, and even screengrabs that feature not only text but graphics along the way. And through such means, you are being chatted with the tool.

There is also an inherent memory quality that gives users a shot at continuity that can be availed on all chats including the chance to browse so users can find real information in certain chats.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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