Apple Faces Fast-Spreading Backlash Over 'Tone-Deaf' Crush Ad For Record-Thin iPad Pro

2024 doesn’t seem to be Apple’s year by any means and whatever the company seems to be indulging in, the results produced are far from what it may have expected.

The valuable tech giant is one of the most lucrative organizations with a massive shareholding. But while the hits are there, the misses are plenty. For instance, we saw it roll out the brand new Vision Pro Headset which was a whole new product and theme altogether.

However, results saw it fall flat on its face, not getting the love and sales that the company had envisioned. It was safe to say that it failed miserably and people’s lack of interest led to a host of mixed reviews.

Apple's 2024 endeavors encounter mixed results: Vision Pro Headset flops, legal battles ensue, iPad Pro faces harsh criticism.
Image: DIW-Aigen

After that, we saw the company receive orders to have app stores owned by third parties open up to users across the EU. That again didn’t go as planned but it had to do what it had to do. Moments later, the company was said to be sued by the American DOJ for sales linked to smart devices where it was dubbed as a monopoly due to its actions.

But wait, the turmoil seems to be far from over as now, the company just managed to roll out its sleekest version of the iPad called iPad Pro. It’s just been one day since the ad came out and it’s already facing serious criticism across the board for the Crush marketing.

While it may feature a new M4 chip inside and come optimized with a host of AI features, it’s the ad that people are having trouble digesting that markets the product. But what does it feature that really ended up hitting the wrong spots in viewers’ minds?

Well, we’re breaking down the ad for you. And for starters, it entails a giant hydraulic press that destroys anything that comes near it, literally crushing it and eliminating it. And somehow magically, this destruction of materials gives rise to the new and sleek iPad design.

The message being depicted is that the iPad can replace all other classic offerings to give rise to a thin and modern product that’s said to be the most powerful product from the series.

It’s quite like what other creative mindsets have rolled out in the world of marketing regarding phones and computers where all the greatness gets amalgamated into a single device. Now again, why so much hate?

The main point that we can gather is that people are revolting against the likes of destroying instruments and things that others tend to hold in high regard. Some feel the tech giant is delivering a message related to destroying the creativity of yesterday to give rise to expensive luxury where it happens to be in full control of the system.

This is why some are asking the firm to rethink why or what it gets from killing people’s joy and seemingly making it appear like it’s the best deed they’ve ever taken part in.

While it might have been unintentionally done, the message really does tend to rub minds into believing that Apple has full control of getting rid of nostalgia to produce its glorious AI moment. The theme is grim and violent and seeing anyone celebrating destruction to produce innovation is wrong. These are just some of the leading reviews of people watching the ad.

Unbelievingly, people have even gone as far as to teach Apple a valuable lesson on this front that’s linked to re-editing the ad and showing how crushing things isn’t necessary and instead, you can display springing up of ideas to produce the latest iPad.

Clearly, Apple has to do a lot of damage control if it wishes to appeal to the market where it’s falling short of love from the masses.

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