Google Capitalizes on Uncertainty Around Potential TikTok Ban to Boost YouTube Ads

Google is reportedly using the potential ban of TikTok in the US to encourage advertisers to shift their focus towards YouTube. As per Insider, an internal document suggests that Google’s ad sales team is advised to leverage the uncertainty surrounding TikTok’s future to attract more advertising dollars to YouTube.

The possibility of TikTok being banned stems from legislation signed by President Joe Biden, which requires TikTok's Chinese parent company, ByteDance, to divest the app. If ByteDance fails to comply within a year, TikTok would be removed from Apple and Google's app stores in the US.

The situation has led Google to see a potential advantage for YouTube. The internal guidance for Google’s ad sales staff emphasizes the importance of engaging with clients to discuss the potential implications of a TikTok ban. The document encourages employees to have thoughtful conversations with advertisers about reallocating their advertising budgets to take advantage of YouTube's offerings, which are portrayed as having superior brand safety.

Additionally, the document points out that recent research indicates that teenagers use YouTube more frequently than TikTok on a daily basis. This statistic is used as a selling point to convince advertisers of YouTube’s value over TikTok.

Google's strategy involves helping advertisers understand how their budgets could be more effectively spent on Google’s platforms, which include not only YouTube but also Google Search and Maps.

The goal is to increase spending on these platforms in the face of TikTok's uncertain future.

This move by Google is seen as a strategic attempt to capitalize on the market changes potentially brought about by new regulations affecting TikTok. By positioning YouTube as a stable and reliable platform for advertising.

Additionally, amidst this strategic maneuvering, it's important to note that Facebook also opposes TikTok, while Twitter remains a staunch advocate for free speech, resisting bans. This broader industry landscape underscores the significance of Google's move and the potential impact of TikTok's uncertain future on various platforms.

Google aims to attract businesses that might be reconsidering their advertising strategies due to the legislative threats to TikTok's operations in the US.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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