AI Skills Essential for Marketers' Success: Microsoft and LinkedIn Report

Microsoft and LinkedIn published a report talking about how AI tools and their knowledge is very important for marketers. The "Work Trend Index Annual Report 2024" report which surveyed 31,000 people in 31 countries, revealed that marketers who use AI tools in their jobs are at more advantage in job markets as compared to marketers who do not use AI tools. Many employers believe that use of AI makes marketers more capable and efficient in their jobs. Now many employers on LinkedIn are looking for marketers who possess AI skills.

The report by Microsoft and LinkedIn states that 66% of the employers say that they won’t hire people who do not have any knowledge or skills of AI tools. 71% of them said that they would prefer less experienced individuals with AI skills over experienced individuals with no AI skills. These preferences are mostly seen in fields like marketing and designing. 77% of the employers think that if their employees learn AI skills, they would trust them with big responsibilities. This shows that leaders and employers are ready to trust employees with AI skills and this way employees can also get benefitted.
Data from LinkedIn also shows that job postings that highlight seeking for AI skills get 17% more application growth as compared to job postings which do not mention AI skills. 54% of the new employees also said that they would prefer an employer who cited access to AI technologies in their job postings. A neuroscience professor at the Wharton School, Michael Platt, mentioned in the report that AI is redefining what it means to be a competitive marketer in jobs nowadays. Only a marketer who has good AI skills can be valuable to a company.

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