Charting Crypto's Path: Countries at the Forefront of Digital Asset Adoption

Crypto payment gateway, Triple-A, ranked the top countries with highest cryptocurrency ownership rates. The data is as of 2023 and highlights the major countries with highest cryptocurrency ownership rates as well as how many people own cryptocurrency in these countries. The top country with highest rates of crypto ownership is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 30.4% people in UAE own cryptocurrency and there are a total 3 million crypto owners.

Followed by UAE is Vietnam with 21.2% of its population owning cryptocurrency. Vietnam has 21 million people who own crypto and has the second highest crypto rates overall. The US is third with 53 million or 15.6% cryptocurrency owners. With 13.5% of its population owning crypto, Iran is fourth with 12 million crypto owners. The Philippines and Brazil have 13.4% and 12% of the population owning crypto.

11.4% of the total population in Saudi Arabia owns crypto with 4 million people having ownership of cryptocurrency. Singapore has 11.1% who own crypto while the total number of these owners is 665K. 10.6% in Ukraine own crypto which makes about 4 million people with crypto ownership. Venezuela has 10.3% of the population who owns crypto and there are 3 million crypto owners.

If we rank the countries according to their actual population, India would come first with 93 million people, China second with 59 million people and the US would rank third with 52 million people. UAE has the highest rates of crypto ownership in the world while Vietnam is leading Southeast Asia in terms of cryptocurrency ownership rates.

Global Crypto Hotspots: Nations Leading in Cryptocurrency Adoption

CountryNumber of Crypto OwnersPercentage of Population Who Own Crypto
United Arab Emirates3M30.40%
Saudi Arabia4M11.40%
Singapore0.665 million11.10%

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