CIRP Reports: Nearly Half of iPhone Users Pay for Additional Storage Tiers

According to a new report by CIRP, there are some patterns many iPhone users are following when it comes to iPhone storage. The report says that storage options are becoming a new way for Apple to gain profits for each line of iPhone that is sold. This is because when the storage is upgraded on the iPhone, the margins of the iPhone also improve. 44 percent of iPhone buyers opt for storage upgrades, this figure reaches 50% with the iPhone 15.

CIRP says that storage upgrades depend on the iPhone models. If users have the latest iPhone model, they are more likely to upgrade its storage. The users with old iPhone models do not tend to upgrade their phone storage. It makes sense because if someone is buying an older model of iPhone, it means that they are cost conscious and cannot afford costly storage tiers. On the other hand, users purchasing the latest expensive iPhone models are more willing to invest in additional storage.

There is also a difference between iPhone 15 lineups. 54% of the customers buying iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max pay for additional storage while only 36% of the customers buying iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus pay for storage tiers. Apple knows that customers who buy expensive models will not think twice before buying additional storage and Apple uses it to its advantage.

CIRP report highlights iPhone storage upgrades as a profit driver for Apple, with 44% opting for upgrades, rising to 50% for iPhone 15.

Model/TypesiPhone Storage Upgrades Percentage
iPhone SE38%
iPhone 1228%
iPhone 1332%
iPhone 1439%
iPhone 1553%
Pro/Pro Max54%
All Buyers44%

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