New Trends in AI, How Businesses Worldwide Are Embracing Change

A survey conducted in the summer of 2023 among more than 1,200 INSEAD alumni across different industries tells that people are not worried about AI potentially taking away their jobs but they are more worried about people misusing AI for harmful purposes. INSEAD also shows that many of the employees and businessmen across many industries and sectors have started using AI in their professional as well as personal lives.

Many survey respondents believe generative AI is more beneficial to employees than the top management as it increases the efficiency and enhances the work capabilities of those employees. Jason P. Davis, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise at INSEAD says that this survey tells us about what top management think of using AI during work. We should know more about what people think of generative AI and what are their views on incorporating it at work. This way we can help industries and companies gain more efficiency.

More than half of the respondents who are well known in top business schools said that the organizations they are working at are already using artificial intelligence technologies at work. 27% of the organizations are planning to start using AI while 21% of the organizations have no plans of using AI. The thoughts about using AI in organizations were also varying across different geographical regions. Many of the respondents worldwide were really excited about the use of AI at work but the ones in Europe said that they think AI is going to benefit organizations more than the employees.

The group of Europeans surveyed were also less likely to use generative AI as compared to respondents in Asia and North America. However, that group also admitted that they can see AGI happening faster in Europe than in parts of North America. This survey also found out that communication sectors, financial and materials’ organizations are more likely to benefit from generative AI than the employees working in those organizations. Healthcare and utility organizations think that employees and organizations will benefit equally there if AI is to be incorporated in this sector.
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