How to Keep Your Digital Footprint Secure After Your Death?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your phone after you die? A US based SellCell has found that 95% of the adults all over the world have left their mobile phones behind after their death. This means that they haven’t just left their phone, but also online accounts and a lot of data. 51 million phones were orphaned just in 2023 and this number is going to increase in coming years as mobile phone usage is increasing each passing day. This means after your death there is a lot of personal data that is left in the digital world.

So what to do to secure your data on your phone after you have passed away? The first thing you should do is make some secure passwords for your email, social media, online banking and other platforms’ accounts and entrust a family member or friend to keep them safe for you. A trusted person is very important when it comes to your password. Tell them how important managing your digital footprint is to you. Tell them the location where you have saved all of your passwords and emails. Get a digital repository where you can store all your personal online information and it will be released to a trusted person after your death.

You should also write out a will stating how you want your digital assets to be handled after your death. You can also hire some professional legal help to write out this will. Appointing a digital executor who can manage your digital assets and online presence after your death is a good choice. He will be responsible for managing your digital footprint after you have left this world. Clearly write the instructions about whether you want some things to be deleted or passed down to a family or friend.

If you know someone who has passed away and left their mobile phones and other digital assets, you may need to consider some things. The first thing you should do is call their loved ones and check any important contact information from that device. Save all their memories and disable their social media accounts. After doing all this, you can give the device to their loved ones, donate it to a charity or resell it. Make sure their digital footprint is secure after they have passed away.

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