Study Claims Almost One In Three Parents Have Never Spoken To Their Kids About Cybersecurity And That’s Alarming

Security experts are raising the alarm against the growing rates of cybersecurity crimes and how young kids are also being affected.

A recent study says that only one in three parents actually go the extra mile to make their kids aware of the alarming dangers of cybersecurity and that’s a big red flag, considering how common of a threat it has become in today’s day and age.

The huge knowledge gap is now being talked about as a serious issue that needs to be resolved before it’s too late, the authors of the research mentioned.

The study is known to generate more knowledge on this front and better explore the different kinds of parental attitudes regarding cybersecurity how it’s high time that children were made aware of cybersecurity attacks and how they’re specifically being targeted.

This particular research in question also goes on to speak about how only two in five parents admitted that they do not know the details behind creating a strong password. And they still continue to give the kids their phones, despite knowing the great dangers and consequences behind such actions. Meanwhile, a third spoke about giving them access via PCs too.

Today’s digital era sees us really immersing ourselves in technology and it’s mindblowing how many responsibilities parents have in terms of protecting their kids and making them aware of what’s wrong and what’s right.

Remember, the authors are stressing how more and more kids are spending time online. And therefore, the discourse linked to cybersecurity has truly turned into a crucial element in the world of modern parenting.

This is why such research studies and more are highlighting the need to have more awareness as well as education regarding digital safety. It’s also important to emphasize how schools also play an integral role in filling up the gap. And the earlier this kind of knowledge is imparted, the better it is for the student.

The authors are calling out the matter as one that’s super interesting for obvious reasons. For example, we’ve got 57% of all parents spoke about how comfortable and open they are to impart knowledge regarding cybercrimes than they were to talk on other sensitive matters like sex education.

But 19% had trouble discussing either subject with their kids and 30% said they never spoke on the matter at all.

The research added that giving kids online exposure without making them aware of what they’re really getting into and the threats linked to this ordeal. Let’s not forget how an overwhelming majority of people have online gaming accounts as delineated in the report.

Experts in the tech world have long stressed the significance of creating strong and secure passwords. And they have called that out as a quintessential feature to keep one’s self-protected at all times.

This is really true when you’re faced with plenty of online accounts storing personal details and credentials and usually, they’re all protected using passwords.

Study reveals concerning lack of parental involvement in teaching kids about cybersecurity risks, highlighting urgent need for action.

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