Google Pulls the Plug on Its Neglected VPN

An unsurprising move from the tech giant Google has made the decisive call to discontinue its Virtual Private Network (VPN) service offered through its One subscriptions. The impetus? A severe dearth of interest from the user base.

The death knell for this VPN arrived subtly, with existing subscribers receiving an unassuming email notification regarding the upcoming change. No hard termination date was specified, but the subtext is clear - this virtual private party is nearing its end.

Rewind to 2020 when Google first launched the One VPN as an exclusive premium perk for its highest-tier subscribers paying hefty $10-plus monthly fees for vast 2TB storage reserves. A belated 2022 bid to democratize the VPN by extending access down to even basic $2 monthly plans did little to ignite broader appeal.

Despite Google's ambitious global rollout spanning 22 countries across iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows platforms, the VPN's promise of secure, anonymous browsing failed to captivate users' imaginations. Put simply, people weren't bothering to use it.

Rather than stubbornly clinging to an evidently unpopular offering, Google pragmatically chose to refocus its resources on features and services that genuinely excite its One subscriber base and earn their engagement.

There's a silver lining for Pixel purists, however. Even as the broader VPN bows out, owners of the Pixel 7 and forthcoming models can rest easy knowing they'll retain access to a native VPN service via their smartphone's settings menu.

Ultimately, Google's strategy realignment stems from a customer-centric drive to elevate offerings that deliver tangible value to its user community – a commendable principle for any business striving to thrive in today's unforgiving digital marketplace.

Hey Readers! Are there better VPN alternatives out there, or will Google's departure leave a void in your online privacy, freedom and security? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or on social media with a mention to our social media profile.

Image: Google

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