Apple Gets Back On The AI Bandwagon As Talks Begin With OpenAI To Power iOS 18 With Exclusive Features

iPhone maker Apple is still not out of the AI race as the company has reportedly opted to resume discussions with tech giant OpenAI.

The news comes a few days after it was rumored that the Cupertino firm would be powering its iOS 18 with more AI technology as mentioned in a new report by Bloomberg.

The company is also said to be quietly working on the creation of several large language models that would allow its iOS 18 to function with more resourceful strategies.

But the talks surrounding OpenAI are more linked to the development of a new chatbot or perhaps more additions for Search as delineated by Mark Gurman recently.

We are also hearing more on this front including how Apple is resuming discussions with Google for the licensing of its AI endeavor called Gemini which the search engine giant says is going to be a leading part of its domain in the future as it explores an AI era.

So the discussions are well on and things might end up going in a certain direction because the firm is yet to make a new decision on which direction it plans on going with plenty of options available.

But from the ways Apple is playing its cards, it could well be striking deals with both AI giants or maybe neither one of them all. So as you can imagine, only time will tell. For now, the company hopes to be hush regarding AI efforts taken but to see it go full throttle in the AI arms race is certainly welcoming.

The hints it's dropping are subtle but they are certainly there to prove that something is being cooked up.

We saw the firm go public with its desire to work more toward AI delineate more on this front including so much ongoing work that it hopes to bring forward soon. Moreover, it hoped that the latest variant of Macbook Air which it rolled out in the previous month would be the best AI-based laptop option for today’s tech market.

There were plenty of discussions on the launch of desktops and laptops centered on AI tech too which were going to be scheduled for a rollout this year as well. At the start of the week, we saw the iPhone maker also go public with its LLM’s which were open-sourced and created to run locally on many devices instead of the usual cloud.

For now, it’s not quite clear which features users can expect in terms of AI on iPhones and other places and what it might appear to the user. But what we do know is that Generative AI is quite unreliable and designed to come up with replies.

Plenty of AI-based gadgets such as Humane Ai Pin are launched with poor reviews while a host of others including Rabbit R1 are yet to prove valuable.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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