New Bug Reverts Google Users’ Search Settings To Default

Without a doubt, Google is one of the world’s most popular search engines. And when it comes to looking for the right information online, the organization reigns supreme.

Now, in case you have children, your goal is to set the Safe Search so no underage users get access to explicit images by default. In the same way, you probably end up adjusting settings with time.

But thanks to some technical difficulties recently, you might be a little taken aback in terms of how things are just not the way you probably left them in the past 14 days.

The company did speak on the matter but failed to delineate specific details regarding the issue online. We saw Google addressing a more recent endeavor where users started to experience the problem across settings for Search and many changes they made were reverted to default.

The issue is said to have begun starting mid-April and that’s when we first heard about it. However, the company was quick to act and didn’t take much time to fix the problem.

But the fact that this problem arose in the first place and the company was forced to make similar adjustments meant users did face difficulties temporarily as they were working by default and hence had to make similar changes again.

However, the firm did release a new statement on this front in terms of how people can adjust Search to better preferences. So what we can gather is that the issue is resolved but user settings could be altered.

The changed settings entailed the likes of Dark theme, Language for results, and SafeSearch. In the same way, Auto-Play and Auto-complete were witnessed across a host of trending searches.

Today, the organization is taking more action on this front and making sure settings go back to normal to avoid any inconvenience because the last thing anyone would want is for something like this to occur.

So if you really did change your settings on the Google account between the middle of April to today, you might need to go back and try to reapply those again.

Google hopes its course of action can better assist those who make use of Search and those facing issues for quite some time now. And in case you are not pleased with how the bug left your settings, simply make the necessary changes right now.

It’s not something major because an ordeal can arise at any given moment in time. So what we hope is no too little data loss took place.

For now, the company has yet to provide more details on this front in terms of what the bug was and what may have led it to this extent. We’ll keep an eye open to that when and if the company opts to go public with the news and we’ll share the findings with you.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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