X Silently Reroutes Again With Its Deadnaming And Misgendering Rule While Offering No Explanation

It seems like Elon Musk and his team of executives at X are confused as the company just opted to walk back from the changes it made regarding its deadnaming and misgendering rule.

The latest news on this front had to do with no kinds of penalties being rolled out for those said to be guilty of misgendering or deadnaming individuals through the X app. But there were exceptions such as those cases where it’s mandatory by the local state law.

The change was first seen by tech news outlet Mashable and it comes just days after we saw X reinstate some of the old Twitter policies. The latter fell under conduct rules outlined as ‘hateful’.

Before we saw Elon Musk take over the app, Twitter restricted all users from deadnaming and taking part in misgendering online. This section of the organization’s rules vanished in April of last year.

Last week, we learned that the policy getting changed via silent treatment to prove how X is now reducing post visibility that intentionally utilizes different pronouns when addressing an individual other than what that person in question used for themselves. Another case was if an account used an old name that a person can no longer be referred to as a part of this new change.

While this was not a complete flip of the old policy, the option of misgendering intentionally was on the grounds for some kind of suspension. It now seems like anyone engaged in the act would be penalized on this front for such harassment. That particular Twitter section of the document gets prefaced with a clause detailing, ‘where needed by the state law’.

There is so much confusion in terms of what is taking place right now on the X app. The company’s regulations appear to alter with time, depending on what Musk feels is right and wrong and many have been having issues with that for a while now.

This happened to be on display over the next couple of days as Elon Musk fielded a long list of complaints from all sorts of personalities arising from the right-wing direction.

On Thursday, we saw Elon Musk mention how such updates are all about continuous harassment taking place on a repeated basis for a certain person. But the next day, the billionaire entrepreneur gave a new justification on this front including it was a mere court judgment arising in Brazil that continues to receive appeals but shouldn’t be applicable outside the Brazilian nation.

For now, it’s all a huge mystery in terms of what’s going on and which final policy will actually come into play. Similarly, why was the policy changed twice in such a short time frame is another point worth pondering.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, Musk continues to be as confused as ever and his judgments are not doing well with users who feel he’s got too much going on to handle this.
Do you remember his rule of reinstating all of those accounts that violated the app’s conduct policy regarding hate content? He reversed that too in the name of free speech with many really scratching their heads in terms of what’s taking place.

A lot of staff members were criticized for trying to apply the firm’s freedom of speech policy linked to transphobia already so it’s going to be interesting where this rule stands now.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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