Instagram Makes Huge Upgrades To Its DMs Including Chat Edits And Switching Off Read Receipts

Social media giant Instagram just made a series of updates for DMs and users are sure to accept the change happily.

The upgrades entail the chance to edit chats in Direct Messages and also to switch off the read receipt feature as well.

For starters, users are going to love the fact that they can no longer rely on auto-correct to ensure their chat is perfect because now edits can be made, for any errors created in the conversation. But remember, this does come with a 15-minute time limit so you’ve got this much time after you sent out your last message. Simply long-press the message and then click the button for edit and that’s it. Your change would be made in no time and save you from the stress of any mistakes that may have been made unintentionally.

Other than that, the app is giving users the chance to fix their crowded DMs. This would be done by letting users pin a maximum of three chats to the top of the page. They can long-press any chat they’d like to add and click on the pin option to ensure it’s locked to the page’s top.

In those cases where you would like to unpin, simply long press and click on the pin icon again to lock that to the feed’s top area.

In other more exciting news, you can even go as far as switching off read receipts- something that fans have been requesting on the platform for years. Just press on the turn off receipt button and you can see messages from contacts. Therefore, you won’t see the ‘seen by x’ alert added to any chat.

This is bound to save a lot of people from the anxiety that they may have seen something but forgot to reply on time. Hence, they now have the freedom to worry less about sending out replies immediately. The feature applies to all contacts. But there’s also an option that limits the feature to a single conversation as you can customize it as per your preference.

To activate the ‘turn off’ receipt feature, simply press on the ‘Messages and story replies’ section and then press ‘show read receipts’. You can toggle the read receipts feature on or off as per your choice.

The app also includes a long list of aesthetic changes to the platform. For instance, you can long press on stickers of your choice and add them to your favorite list. Similarly, you can engage with those stickers next, making it much easier to find a sticker of your choice next time.

The company says such elements as images, videos, GIFs, and even VMs are going to be present when you roll out a reply to a certain message. There would similarly be some more themes to select from to give chats a new twist.

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