X Updates Its Abuse And Harassment Page With The Addition Of A New ‘Prior Name And Pronoun’ Section

Popular social media platform X has just made some changes to its abuse and harassment page. While this took place in January, we’re now seeing a new section explaining the latest rule being incorporated against the intentional use of incorrect pronouns for everything and each person which they aren’t going by anymore.

The news was first reported by media outlet Ars Technica which mentioned how such a clause could potentially limit post visibility which makes use of pronouns for different people. This would include pronouns for various people who happen to be using a unique name while making a certain transition.

We saw X get rid of the policy involving misgendering and deadnaming people in April last year. This was a decision rolled out to show the world that was indeed taking action against those it felt was giving the company a bad name or rep. Over time, we’ve seen how websites have histories linked to sending out likes and shares for posts that are not trans and don’t include any points for discussion.

Through such a policy, X would be acting on posts if they are hearing from a target alone, taking into consideration how complex the situation can get with time, and if there is any violation.

This puts a new target on people’s backs in terms of those who are blamed for failing to report or opting to add a distance arising from such abuse. So far, critics feel a policy intact that prohibits misgendering and deadnaming of the trans community is better than those that cause confusion or fail to clarify whether or not they violated the rules on the app.

Remember, X has been known for reducing post visibility by getting rid of them entirely from results seen on search as well as trends and home timelines, not to mention alerts. Such posts would be downranked in the section outlined ‘replies’ and could now be explored via the profile of the author.

In the end, it won’t be seen on the platform’s website featuring ads that are adjacent to those. This means saying hello to no more repeats of losses occurring due to ad revenue which the firm drastically suffered from in 2023.

Toward the latter part of 2023, we saw advertisers removing marketing campaigns from a page, right before the holiday season arose. This was in regards to Media Matters rolling out a new report displaying ads on a page that was situated near antisemitic content online.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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