WhatsApp Will Soon Include Generative AI Image-Editing Features

Meta announced at the start of last year how it was keen on incorporating features for AI image editing across both Facebook and Instagram. Today, we’re hearing more about how that could be expanding to its popular texting platform WhatsApp.

The company says such inclusions would enable the app’s users to include functions like restyling images, text-to-image backgrounds, and an expansion of the picture’s background. This news was confirmed by a top leaker at AssembleDebug today.

Seeing Meta rollout its generative AI component in 2023 and then including the features to some apps and not others meant that perhaps it was going to restrict the technology. But now that we’re seeing more details about its launch on WhatsApp, users are getting excited.

This particular feature’s know-how came after accessing the new features belonging to WhatsApp’s new beta variant. So as you can see, it’s fresh from the oven, thanks to reverse engineering.

The latest backdrop functionality can take on prompts and convert those to background pictures and let’s not forget how something similar is seen with Adobe Firefly too. Making use of AI for the extension and expansion of pictures’ backgrounds is not something very new as we’ve seen something similar on platforms such as Adobe and Canva in the past, thanks to picture-editing functions that use AI.

The latest array of AI offerings could be accessible with the likes of a sparking icon that appears similarly to the usual upper button as a host of new image-fixing tools on such platforms are included. This could be rotating, cropping, and sticker inclusions too, as well as the incorporation of text as announced in the latest screenshots shared. But for now, Meta remains hush on the matter and whether such tools are under development or not.

For now, the features are very new and the app is yet to get them into function so it’s still being developed and probably is in its last stages.

When asked for a comment on this front, the leaker added how the features were solely discovered for Android but he feels something similar would be in the works for iOS devices too.

Other upcoming features for Android were similarly discussed such as voice message transcriptions, nearby people features, and options to enable chats from third parties too. So as you can tell, there’s quite a bit to anticipate from Meta soon.

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