Microsoft Opts To Purchase Google Ads To Promote Its Bing Search Engine On Google

Software giant Microsoft is doing something that perhaps many didn’t see coming. The company has opted to purchase ads on Google as a means of marketing its Bing search engine.

We can see how such acts were a long time coming but to actually hear about it becoming a reality has left some critics in shock. As it is, users can trigger Bing Ads through Google Search via the whole Google Ads system to get answers to some queries.

The news comes after one social media expert Glenn Gabe mentioned through a post a few days back on the X app how a new inception was arriving for search engines. We could now see Bing rolling out Google ads and that is what drove more users to attain search results via the Bing Search engine, not to mention a greater promotion for affiliate content.

Image: Glenn Gabe / X

After clicking on a certain advertisement across Google Search, users are transported to Bing’s Search Results to provide replies to such queries. The search results page across Bing already has a separate Microsoft Advertising initiative featuring search ads. This includes all sorts of product listings and greater room for the likes of affiliate content.

While only partial screengrabs were unveiled on this front, the fact that this could soon be a reality seems like Microsoft is really keen on making the most of Google’s search audience for its own benefit.

Moreover, it just makes one person wonder if the search engine Bing is doing such acts to win the hearts of Google users or not. Maybe they are more keen on promoting other kinds of models where they could make the most of certain advertising clicks than what they’re being paid for a certain ad click for Google.

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