Despite iPhone's US Success, Google Maps and Waze Preferred for Navigation

In the United States, Apple's iPhone is the most popular phone, but when it comes to finding your way around, Google Maps is the go-to app. A study by MarketWatch shows that 70% of people use Google Maps to avoid getting caught in speed traps. Waze, another app owned by Google, is also popular for the same reason, used by 27% of people. Apple Maps is in third place, with 25% of users turning to it.

Despite the iPhone's success in the US, with the top seven phones sold worldwide being different versions of the iPhone, and iOS surpassing Android in the US market at the end of 2022, Google's apps still lead in navigation. The study focused on how these apps help drivers avoid speed traps and found that a good number of drivers, about 34%, have been alerted to speed traps through these apps.

Among these, Waze is seen as the most effective, being 30% more efficient at alerting users to speed traps than Google Maps, and 20% more than Apple Maps. Interestingly, people who use Google Maps are more likely to say they drive over the speed limit.

Samsung, another big name in smartphones, is feeling the competition from Apple as well. In South Korea, where Samsung is based, it holds 66% of the smartphone market. However, sales of the iPhone have been increasing, with the iPhone 15 series selling 41.9% more in its first month than the iPhone 14 series did. Globally, Samsung has slipped to second place behind Apple in smartphone sales in 2023, capturing only 19.4% of the market according to the International Data Corporation.

As Apple continues to grow in popularity around the world, both Google in the app space and Samsung in smartphone sales are facing challenges, despite their own areas of dominance.

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