These Are The Ideal Cities for Digital Nomads, Madrid Spain Takes the Lead

With spring right around the corner, tickets to Europe from the US are set to reach their lowest point ever during the year. As a result of the fact that this is the case, many digital nomads will be headed to a series of different destinations all of which have been compiled into a top ten list based on how popular they are. This is based on data from the Digital Nomad Index, and it reveals quite a lot about the state of the digital nomad lifestyle at this current point in time.

It is important to note that three of the most popular cities for these frequent travelers happen to be in Spain. The Digital Nomad visa introduced in this country in December of 2022 taxes just 24% for income up to $645,000, which makes it a much more tantalizing option for nomads than might have been the case otherwise. Here are the ten most popular destinations ranked.

These Are The Ideal Cities for Digital Nomads, Madrid Spain Takes the Lead

Madrid, Spain

Providing a vibrant cultural tapestry coupled with a low cost of living and access to high speed internet, Madrid has emerged as an excellent option for digital nomads looking to visit Europe. As if that wasn't enough, it also has far better Europe than regions further up north with all things having been considered and taken into account.

Barcelona, Spain

Much like Madrid, Barcelona has a thriving city culture that digital nomads would most certainly be looking to take advantage of. On top of all of that, it has great public transport options along with a low cost of living. Digital Nomad visas for Spain only require you to show an annual income of around $28,000, which many freelancers can manage.

Tampa, Florida

Florida is one of the states in the US that charge the least in taxes. As a result of the fact that this is the case, it has become a bit of a haven for Digital Nomads. The quality of healthcare in this city is also quite high by American standards, and the pleasant climate of Tampa is yet another benefit that brings Digital Nomads in droves.

Las Palmas, Spain

This is yet another city from Spain that many Digital Nomads will be looking to visit. With a beautiful cityscape coupled with white sand beaches just a short walk away, Las Palmas is a great option for Digital Nomads who are interested in an adventurous trip to Spain, as well as those that want to soak up some sun.

Toulouse, France

This is the only French city that made the cut, helped in no small part by the gorgeous architecture that it has to offer. What's more is that this city has an abundance of natural beauty that can be just what a freelancer might need whenever they are trying to get the creative juices flowing, and the aerospace developments happening here are also a factor that may be at play.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Travelers who are on the lookout for a tropical getaway are more than likely going to end up checking out Honolulu. The presence of coworking spaces here is definitely something that suits the freelancer and digital nomad lifestyle, so in a way Honolulu is somehow able to combine the requirements of modern living with tropical beauty.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you are a digital nomad who earns at least $42,000 per year, you might be interested in heading to Lisbon. This city has a thriving culture of coworking spaces that make it an excellent choice for people that work on the go, and the beautiful architecture serves as the cherry on top. Add in the historic tram and it’s rather easy to understand why Lisbon is such a popular destination.

Bari, Italy

This Italian city along the coast offers enchanting views coupled with a dense cityscape that is full of culture. The coast also makes it so that you can get a great deal of seafood that is as fresh as can be, and the dining options provide the beautiful coast in full view.

Bologna, Italy

Anyone that is looking to go to a city for the cuisine will be spoiled for choice if they decide to head to Bologna. There is an academic vibe here that is highly suited to the digital nomad lifestyle.

Rome, Italy

Rome has been one of the greatest cities in the world for thousands of years, so it’s no surprise that digital nomads like to head here for a spell, especially when the weather is perfect like in spring. With views of the coliseum outside your window and great cafes downstairs, this city seems like it was made for digital nomads.

CityEase of complianceLegal requirementTaxesHousing cost Access to housingCity affordabilityPolitical stabilitySafety and securityInternetHealthcareHappinessCultural attractionsMobilityTemperature
Las Palmas75.5872.4564.588.4774.7787.6279.6988.4172.5095.1184.8659.6293.7171.70
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