These Are Top States for Remote Work in the US, Highlighting Affordability and Quality of Life Factors

In the US, working from anywhere you like has become a big deal. About 11% of people with jobs do this. They use the internet and other tech to do their jobs from different places. This kind of work is getting more popular. A group called DesignRush that looked at different states to see which ones are the best for people who work like this. They checked things like how much it costs to live there, food prices, taxes, and healthcare.

The places in the south of the US looked really good because they don't cost a lot to live in. Mississippi is at the top of the list. It's cheap to rent a place there, and taxes aren't too bad. But, the internet and healthcare can cost more. Mississippi is a friendly place with a strong music culture. Oklahoma comes next. It's super cheap for housing and food, which makes it a great choice. People there are nice, and there's a lot of nature to enjoy.

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Arkansas is also good for similar reasons. It's affordable and has a welcoming vibe. There are lots of activities to do in the small towns and cities. Texas is another great option because it doesn't have an income tax. This means people can save more of their money. It's got big cities like Dallas and Austin, and it's known for its tech jobs. Tennessee is fifth on the list because it's cheap to live there, and there's no income tax either.
North Dakota and South Dakota both offer low rent and a lot of space. They're good for people who like the outdoors. Ohio has reasonable taxes and food prices, plus it's rich in culture. Missouri and Alabama are also on the list. They have low living costs and are becoming tech hubs.

DesignRush's study helps people who work remotely pick the best state for them by looking at important things like housing, food, taxes, and healthcare.

Ranking State Features
1. Mississippi Affordable rent, average taxes, high transport costs, friendly atmosphere
2. Oklahoma Low cost of living, lowest housing and food costs, friendly inhabitants, beautiful scenery
3. Arkansas Low cost of living essentials, vibrant atmosphere, various recreational activities
4. Texas Zero-income tax policy, competitive living costs, diverse landscapes, technological hubs
5. Tennessee Zero-income tax policy, affordability in transportation, healthcare, and food, good quality of life
6. North Dakota Low rent prices, connectivity, accessibility, peaceful environment
7. South Dakota No tax burdens, economically friendly rent, natural beauty, adventurous opportunities
8. Ohio Average taxes, low food prices, dynamic cultural experiences, vibrant cities
9. Missouri Low housing costs, adequate living expenses, famous cities, growing tech hubs
10. Alabama Low tax rates, affordable living costs, up-and-coming tech hubs, historical significance

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