The Impact Of The TikTok Ban: What It Could Mean For The US And Global Tech World

TikTok has made the headlines again and this time around, things are getting serious after the US House of Representatives passed a bill to have it barred around the country.

We know this might not be the first time that we’re hearing such news but with the app walking on thin ice, it’s high time we see what the possible impact of such a decision is, not only for America but for the rest of the global market.

What would such a ban mean for the tech world? Well, we’re sure Meta’s Instagram is going to fall in love with the thought that one of its biggest rivals in social media won’t be working. And that means more people tuning into Facebook and Instagram.

In February alone, we saw Instagram get a staggering 56 million new installations through the App Store as well as Google Play, i.e. according to Appfigures chart. Most of those arose from the Play Store and it’s also interesting to note how people are installing the app way more than TikTok as it is.

To be more specific with stats from App Intelligence, we saw the platform dethrone TikTok back in December. While TikTok did trail behind with just 45 million downloads, the results have just not been consistent when you look at previous performances.

So a ban might not significantly hurt the popular app that’s a staple for youngsters, as just 3.5 million of all downloads come from American users.

The top five apps for February also included Facebook, Telegram, and WhatsApp. Telegram has yet to witness any top 5 rank since the start of November last year.

We saw Threads be included in this chart again and it managed to retain the top 8th spot with a staggering 22 million installs. Rival competition X failed to reach the top 10 but it did come in at position 23, which was better than what it started the year with.

While other movements were noted, the chart remained the same.

Right now, the biggest worry is that if Congress does vote in favor of the TikTok bill, what could that mean and is there any way out?

For now, US lawmakers have given TikTok the chance to divest away from ByteDance that’s located in China. Once it becomes a separate entity from its Chinese counterpart, only then can deliberations begin for it to return to the nation.

But how important is the American market to TikTok and is the app really that famous in the country?

Diving deep down into the details, we saw how the latest app downloads as well as monthly active users, we can see how America is quite small for the platform. Only 5% of its overall share of monthly downloads comes from here as seen from stats in 2023.

China was the app’s biggest market where figures stood at 45%. This included both iOS and Android devices.

When we look at figures regarding consumer spending, the relevance of the American market for the app comes into play. American consumers make up close to 40% of the overall spending on this platform which is a huge figure that’s spent on TikTok around the world.

This is certainly a lot and way more than what consumers are spending for the biggest apps around the globe.

When we see how much time people are spending on this platform in the US, it’s shocking to witness how iPhone users are spending most of their time here only. Meanwhile, those with Android devices spend most of their time on YouTube and then TikTok. And yes, it’s wildly popular with the youth, with 18 to 24-year-olds in love with the app.

But that does not mean those between the 25 to 44 year age bracket don’t love it. It’s quite popular with them too and ranks number three for those aged 45 and above. So yes, the ban has a lot of users in the US talking and that’s why both creators and users are equally expressing their dismay on how it can negatively impact their lives, not to mention income.

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