Donald Trump Lashes Out At Meta’s Facebook And Calls It ‘Enemy Of The People’ While Favoring TikTok

Republican Nominee and former US President Donald Trump is speaking out against Meta’s Facebook.

The leading politician was quick to slam the platform as the people’s enemy while raising serious concerns regarding the ban on TikTok. Trump added how such measures could end up causing more harm than any good as it would work toward empowering Meta.

As mentioned by Trump, such acts just end up influencing Facebook in a matter that would make it bigger and since he feels it’s against people’s benefit, he does not see the reason for doing it.

Trump spoke more on the matter in a detailed context while showing up for a specific interview during Squawk Box.

He similarly acknowledged all the threats that the country’s officials have in terms of endangering national security as well as data privacy across apps like TikTok. He even mentioned how both good and bad exist in today’s society and making the right decision would go a long way in this regard.

Trump detailed more about how there are so many people on this app that adore it to bits and pieces while the younger generation ends up going crazy when or if they find out that they don’t have it.

For now, CNBC was seen reaching out for comments on this subject.

We are all well aware of how TikTok’s home base is in China and it comes under the ownership of ByteDance. Over such a short period, its popularity has grown and now, it’s deemed to be a global favorite, thanks to short videos.

But that has also resulted from so many regulators getting fearful about the app’s ownership in China as users’ private data is now at risk of being taken up by Chinese Government officials.

Remember, the app’s parent firm is also liable for disclosing any such data in cases when asked to do so. As mentioned in the state law, China forces all its companies and citizens to display assistance and cooperation on the subject.

In the year 2020, we saw the Trump admin try through unsuccessful means to get TikTok deleted from all of the country’s app stores, thanks to these leading and genuine concerns. We even saw Trump himself generate instructions on ByteDance to remove TikTok within a 90-day deadline.

It was an effort that we witnessed where Microsoft put out bids for the app’s American business community but that just never came into play.

Today, the recent happening on this front has to do with American lawmakers stepping up their game to better tackle issues linked to TikTok including if a proper ban should ensue or if the app should be partially banned in certain situations.
We’ve already heard plenty of reports on how Biden continues to express national security concerns on the app and enable the signing of bills for its respective ban, in cases when Congress would pass it.

Seeing Donald Trump go soft on TikTok is not something many of us may have envisioned because his fear right now is Meta’s Facebook growing bigger than it already is and adding more power to that app is not something he feels can be healthy.

Witnessing Trump deflect his respective attention toward Facebook and speak more about its growing privacy and security concerns is certainly alarming.

So in Trump’s eyes, doubling Facebook’s size is not something he’s keen on adopting and would much rather see TikTok flourish in the US, despite its serious privacy and security risks.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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