Apple Says Changes Made In Compliance To The DMA Will Come At Serious Security Costs

It can be said without a doubt that the arrival and implementation of the Digital Markets Act has led to iPhone maker Apple making a series of abrupt changes.

No one wants to mess up in the EU as regulations are quite stringent with hefty fines when they’re not followed. This is why we saw the tech giant scramble in terms of making sure the DMA is followed and the changes made are in line.

But now, we’re seeing the Cupertino firm and its executives speak in detail about how allowing factors like app purchases outside the App Store and any installations from other places could come at a serious cost.

Remember, Apple has been working round the clock to ensure the whole situation is super secure and bigger than ever. Remember, there’s a wide array of possibilities on offer and it’s been massive.

The details keep on evolving on this front and it seems to be a never-ending ordeal as more changes are set to come into play soon. It’s all getting planned out well and Apple still says that while the changes it's making are in line with the DMA, it could be a pricey option.

Apple’s Data Protection team has already gone public about how the DMA does not come without risks. Their view is that it might be less costly to target users with iPhones who aren’t using Apple’s means for making payments in various markets but the concerns are there.

Some believe that Apple making these changes could cause an imminent risk in the form of increased attacks taking place. The cost to carry out malicious attacks keeps on increasing because the ways to target iPhone users are plenty now with these changes.
Different modes of payment mean less secure options are present that pose greater risks. Some things might arise that we’ve never witnessed before, thanks to all the safeguards that used to be in place with Apple making sure it was in control.

The price of conducting iOS exploits is huge and Apple says it’s trying to bring that up further so that any attacker would think twice before targeting iOS.

Apple has expressed concern on this front and how it plans to develop this even further. They are trying to show individuals who download apps from such alternative sources with special screens featuring more data. This combined with notorization would assist in helping users maintain confidence of the highest degree, it added.

Another short interview had Apple’s reps avoiding discussions on matters like the economy of various payments and the right competition for iPhone users across the EU, provided the fact of how it is out of their league.

This really frames things better regarding the Digital Markets Act and how proper regulation could be great for harvesting competition but lowering security. It’s certainly a much more enticing situation to have Apple control the exact cash flow and attack vendors with more potential attacks. But remember, the DMA does not exist to help Apple solely or work to better the security of its platform.

From what experts think, the cost of greater market competition being regulated could be the expense of users’ security. But this might prove to be not a big issue to begin with, thanks greatly to how it’s implementing compliance. But we can surely understand the anxiety linked to less costs to carry out attacks.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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