Stripe Enables Apple Pay Later By Default For All Merchants

Apple’s Pay Later feature was first rolled out in 2023 and since then, many have been talking about the useful feature.

The option gives users the chance to divide their in-app and online purchases from Apple Pay into a whopping four types of equal payment categories that spanned a timeframe of six weeks. And the best part was that there was no type of fees or interest involved.

The Apple Pay Later option was up for grabs for many retailers to benefit from but not all online merchants could make the make of this endeavor.

Now, we’re hearing more on this front including how the feature is getting launched to all businesses as a default setting so that Stripe merchants can benefit.

We have seen Stripe show support for Apple Pay Later since the start of last year but the real launch is taking place officially right now to all those concerned this week.

The most notable option on this front has to do with Stripe Merchants accepting Apple Pay as explained by the organization.

This means that once you start checking out online from the platform or across the app with a merchant involved who uses Stripe for things like payment processing, the feature transforms into a new option that is seen everywhere.

Through Apple Pay Payments, you can select if you’d like to make a full payment or if you’d like to pay in installments. The feature is designed for things like purchases that range between $75 to $1000 while you make use of Stripe.

The company even mentioned the news and how happy it was to have this feature on board while adding that giving clients across the US to divide their purchases into several equal installments throughout several weeks is key.

Apple can back and manage payments and in this way, the firms involved are given their due shares in full, similar to how Apple Pay works.

This Pay Later feature by Apple starts off with the user giving rise to new applications for loans that could be through direct checkout flow. Another option to make use of is the Wallet application at any given moment in time.

Apple also confirmed how such a feature doesn’t affect their respective credit but after seeing the entire history for payments, you can report that to respective credit bureaus. Seeing the way Apple rolled out one official partnership this past month toward Apple’s Pay Later direction is proof of how things are really taking shape.

Stripe has also followed through with its fine share of details for merchants including how to opt-out of this for the website.

For quite some time now, Stripe has shown great support for such endeavors and now that it’s coming into play finally is certainly a sign of relief for both merchants and users in the US, not to mention the added convenience for online purchases.

Image: DIW

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