Google Praised as Top AI Competitor by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has plenty of praise for Google and its accomplishments so far in the AI race.

The head of one of the world’s biggest software giants went as far as to claim that Google should be the true default winner in this regard. He also mentioned how there were plenty of resources up for grabs that the Android maker could have made use of to better its standing on this front.

Google is outlined to be one of the most competent firms and therefore the talent it possesses is unmatched by all others, Paul added. He also referred to the search engine giant as one that’s the most integrated one of them all, not to mention its vast array of goods and services including data models and silicon products that make it stand out in a room full of tech arch rivals.

The Microsoft CEO sat down for a new podcast episode where he added that if there was one firm that he could place bets on in terms of garnering serious competition for his own firm in regards to AI, it would be Google as it had everything to surpass his organization.

The news would certainly be welcomed with open arms by Alphabet’s CEO who has received so many calls to step down after the launch of the company’s Gemini picture generator that did go off track and couldn’t produce results as the firm had planned.

We saw Google delay the launch of the tool in February this year after it received serious backlash from users speaking about producing pictures of individuals of color through the most inaccurate context.

Others couldn’t help but outline how it was an absolute disaster for PR sectors as it left the firm in a state of panic and scramble as it tried to catch up with other arch-rivals in the industry.

Another engineer from Google mentioned via leaked papers how Google is just not fit enough to the race of AI.

But you cannot forget how tech giant Microsoft is in complete control of such narratives regarding AI as it continues enjoying flexing muscles while dominating as it has a great relationship with the makers of ChatGPT. The latter is where they’ve invested a huge amount worth billions.

It was similarly seen rolling out a new AI-based tool dubbed 365 Copilot. But the real fun began with the launch of Microsoft’s Copilot Generator which was rolled out one year back. But even that came with plenty of errors.

We’ve seen the company’s own engineer report to the FTC about how it poses an imminent threat as it gives rise to dangerous content revolving around explicit themes.

And one day after that, we saw Nadella mention how Microsoft’s AI tools are designed to limit unintended problems but they were not doing so great in regards to being perfect in this regard.

After being questioned about what risks were linked to AI and how they could be reduced, Nadella mentioned that nothing was perfect and that new technology would always bring with it a series of threats for adversarial attacks.

For now, both tech giants Google and Microsoft are yet to detail more on this front and are also yet to respond to requests linked to comments that come attached to this topic of discussion.

But seeing another rival’s head be all praise for Google is certainly something that Sundar Pichai wouldn’t mind, especially after being in the line of fire for Gemini’s launch.

Image: Norges Bank Investment Management / YT

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