New YouTube TV App Redesign Promises Better Shopping Experiences and Quicker Comment Access

Popular video-sharing platform YouTube just rolled out a new redesign for its television application that’s said to come into effect as early as next week.

While no concrete details were unveiled on this front, we do know that the streaming giant states that a new design is in the works and would give rise to a bigger and better range of experiences including shopping options for creators who can find their best products in one location.

Other than shopping, we are talking about updates that are designed to enhance the overall array of features that give simpler access to the likes of comments as well as descriptions for videos.

On that end of the spectrum, there would be a new comments feed with descriptions that will take up more space. Moreover, it’s going to be quicker to access that and when clicked on, you’ll see the real video size shrinking.

The platform added how users continually request smaller video feeds while giving greater priority to the likes of comments. As we can see right now, the feed featuring comments covers videos, and that refresh enables users to better engage through comments and not be forced to deal with coverups linked to real content seen online.

This YouTube platform keeps getting used by millions around the globe daily and that’s why the company says it is time for a revamp. People want to carry out searches more easily and have their personal feeds display a more refreshed appeal.

They also want to be given the chance to search for what to watch next while the current video continues to play like seen on mobile phones.

YouTube acknowledged how there’s a constant push and pull arising between television-based experiences that are more lean-back in design and continue to arise at the heart of resigning initiatives.

However, there is yet to be any kind of mention of anything that was brought up on this front.

Users can however be engaged in purchasing items that others adorn in videos by simply clicking on a button that’s seen across the remote.

YouTube did end up teasing all sports fans and hoped they would check live scores without any kind of interruptions across a video. But they failed to get into the details of it.

Despite many media outlets reaching out to the app on this front, the addition of new features like these is yet to be spoken about in detail so far.

Such redesigns will just give rise to video chapters that can be accessed easily and are handy in design and function.

It must be mentioned how these kinds of updates are going to be rolled out for YouTube platforms that continue to function across different televisions and aren’t just giving rise to live services across YouTube’s television platform today.

What we are well aware of is that this would attain new updates in a couple of days and give users the chance to make the most of Views without seeing interferences such as live content.

Image: YT

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