New Feature to Control Political Content on Instagram and Threads

Meta, the company behind Instagram and Threads, has rolled out a new feature for its users. They can now choose to see less political stuff on these platforms. Meta had said earlier in the year that they would do this. Now, they are making it happen. This change lets people avoid political content from accounts they don't follow. There's a switch for this, and it's on by default. This means if you don't do anything, you'll see less political content (which is definitely an annoying and time-wasting feature for some users who want to see political content). But if you like, you can change the setting to see political posts in your feed from the accounts you follow.

The company hasn't said if this feature is available everywhere yet. If you're curious to see if you have it, you can check. Go into the settings menu on Instagram or Threads, look for "Suggested Content," and then see if there's an option for political content. This will change what you see in different parts of the app like the Explore page, Reels, your main feed, and suggestions for who to follow. And if you use both Instagram and Threads, changing this setting in one app will apply it in the other too.

Besides this, Threads is adding some fun new things. They'll start showing NBA game scores and are testing a way to connect with the fediverse, a network of independent social platforms. This is still in the early stages and only a few users can try it.

To use these new features, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram and Threads on your phone.

In other news, TikTok is making a new app to take on Instagram's photo feed. Instagram is also adding a new feature that lets you jump straight to making a story from your phone's lock screen. Plus, Threads will open its doors to creators and developers in June, letting them build on its platform.

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