Another Blow For Elon Musk After His Lawsuit Against Nonprofit Who Criticized X Dismissed

Elon Musk isn’t going to like the sound of this next bit of news but his latest lawsuit against a nonprofit organization who criticized the X platform has just been dismissed.

The judge has opted to throw the case out, adding that no legal action is necessary here as the company was just practicing its freedom of speech.

Judge Charles Breyer was very determined to provide his opinion on the ruling and how punishing those who expressed their thoughts on a certain subject was just ridiculous.

This sort of comment is truly ironic when you consider how Elon Musk was the one who purchased Twitter and made it apparent how his number one goal was to promote and protect users’ freedom of speech rights.

But seeing him turn around and sue the CCDH for failing to take action against those adding some disturbing remarks on the app was certainly a shocker for some.

The legal case spoke about how the CCDH was making use of shady techniques like data scraping of content seen on the Twitter platform. They were then making false conclusions about how hate speech was running at an all-time high on this platform too.

This resulted in a so-called scare campaign that was driving advertisers far from the app and that resulted in losses surmounting to a whopping millions of dollars.

Judge Breyer added how there was a serious lack of merit when you consider things legally here. It’s quite impossible to read out complaints that don’t entail the X Corporation, he says, not to mention how he felt Musk’s company was too busy with the CCDH speech than actual means for data collection.

The ruling arose in a 52-page document where it’s clearly mentioned how the case is dismissed and won’t be moving forward. In such a legal case, the judge adds how the Anti-SLAPP regulation that’s created to keep people’s freedom of speech protected when speaking on matters in public is a serious concern and the fact that X was battling against that was a point worth mentioning.

It was also shocking for the judge to add how he saw that the nonprofit organization did not sue the company for making false claims against X. So it’s quite clear that X itself is having trouble here and wishes to spare the massive burden linked to defamation claims and any harm added to its respective reputation. So the concern seems more related to having reputational harm, more than anything else.

Another leading issue here seems to be related to how it was losing out on ad revenue via the CCDH’s criticism of the app instead of scraping information via Twitter or X. The judge says that one way to know this is the truth has to do with the CCDH scraping data from the X app and never speaking about that again. In that case, no charges linked to damage would result.

For now, the tech entrepreneur and X owner remain hush on this topic. But from what we can see, the CCDH seems to be having a round of celebrations after this ruling because it feels this is a true winning moment about information integrity seen online.

Such a ruling is sending out a very strong message to the world about how it was getting intimidating and was silencing the entire ordeal in regards to independent research, the CEO for CCDH added and now that the truth has prevailed, what could be better, he adds.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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