More Internet Woes For The World After Undersea Telecom Cables Mysteriously Cut Off

As if the world needed any more internet disruption, recently damaged undersea telecom cables are said to make matters worse.

Four out of 15 leading telecom cables in the Red Sea were said to be cut off due to severe damage that arose from an unidentified or mysterious attack. This has led internet providers to enter into a dark realm as they battle to figure out a solution quickly.

Close to 25% of online traffic was rerouted between regions of Europe, Asia, as well as the Middle East - experts have confirmed.

These oceanic cables’ damage were first confirmed by a leading telecom firm in Hong Kong that goes by the name HGC Global Communications. Such cables are crucial but very vulnerable infrastructure as they attain investments from the biggest tech giants of the world such as Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, and even Google.

While the HGC confirmed today how they managed to devise a successful plan to ensure traffic can get rerouted effectively in no time, many wonder whether or not that is the best possible solution. They even spoke about how submarine cables would be utilized instead to cover up for the loss encountered.

For now, there are no confirmations as to who is behind the attack but a few weeks back, we saw government officials from Yemen confirm that there was a high probability of a new Houthi Rebel taking place in the Red Sea.

This would target all cables present in this region as they try to disrupt major supply chains in this part of the globe. But as per a recently published report from the Houthi Rebels, they denied taking part in any sort of action. Since their threats continued to grow large as we speak on social media, many can’t help but wonder if they were the ones behind it as reported by Bloomberg recently.

The group’s leader went public with a bold statement where he denied all of the accusations being hurled in his group’s direction. They added how there was zero benefit or intention of making such telecom cables their target as they give online access to the entire region. Instead, he opted to play the blame game and hold military officials in the US and the UK responsible for such damage.

For now, the CDO for Seacom says it’s just too early on in the stage of investigations to confirm if this was indeed an accident or an act of sabotage. Only when they left the cable from under the sea would they be able to better deduce what happened in the end and if it was cut or not.

The issue was highlighted to be more restricted to shallow regions of the waters and that is the same place where many Houthi members have been hitting shipping vessels with the assistance of drones as well as missiles.

As far as the solution to the matter is concerned, experts predict that it might take up to several weeks or even a few months to repair it all. They will also be needing respective permits to carry out work from Yemen’s maritime sector.

Meanwhile, other fears grow large about the risk of more attacks arising in the future from similar groups as per a news outlet called Globes which is based in Israel. More issue is linked to finding the right firm to carry out the job as it would require a huge payment as a premium to begin.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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