Microsoft Shockingly Ends Support For Android’s Windows Subsystem

Software giant Microsoft has decided to abruptly make a decision that has left many in the tech world confused.

The company is killing off all support aligned for Android’s Windows Subsystem and it’s coming into effect early next year.

For those who might not be aware, the WSA is created to give users the chance to run apps on Android that are native to the platform, throughout a virtual environment. This would accompanied by details such as images, sound effects, and even network connectivity.

The feature first came into play in October of 2021 when WSA started to turn into a serious novelty that gave users the chance to download apps through the App Store of Amazon in their Windows 11 systems.

Today, the latest update was not only shocking but unexpected for the whole WSA developer community and first noted by outlets like Windows Central. The company mentioned how they wish to end support for the subsystem by March 2025.

In case you didn’t know, plenty of Windows apps rely on the whole Windows Subsystem for Android. This includes Amazon Appstore as well as WSA Games who won’t get any kind of support during that time.

The company hopes to end support for Android’s subsystem is all that was headlined in the respective document seen online.

Due to this, Amazon’s Appstore and all respective apps and games witnessed online won’t get much support at all starting the first week of March 2025. Till then, the tech team would be providing support to all of its respective clients, it added.

Clients who install the Amazon App Store or any other kind of Android platform before March 2024 will continue to get access to the platforms via a depreciation date from March 5, 2025. Anyone who needs any more assistance or has queries in this regard can feel free to visit the company’s support website.

Microsoft has been very grateful for all the assistance that has come in its direction from the developer community seen online. They remain committed to getting feedback as plenty of experiences continue to evolve online.

Amazon has gone into the details of ending support for the entire Windows Subsystem across Android and would similarly provide greater clarity to both users as well as the developers of these platforms.

Developers won’t be eligible to submit any new apps for the Windows 11 domain by next year March but those with existing platforms would be able to roll out new updates until the Appstore for Amazon on Windows 11 continues to function.

Beginning tomorrow, all clients of Windows cannot install Amazon’s Appstore or any related platforms through the Microsoft Store. But users would still be using Appstore Apps that were downloaded in the past and therefore, they would get continuous updates for such platforms with time.

For now, you can continue using any installed apps on Windows 11 as normal.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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