TikTok's Battle with AI-Driven Spam

A recent study shows a big problem on TikTok i.e. spam getting out of control because of artificial intelligence (AI). TikTok is known for its fun videos, but now, it's also becoming known for fake and spammy content. This problem is changing how people see and make content online.

Using AI to make content has its good and bad sides. It helps people who don't know much about making videos to create fun stuff easily. But, the report from 404 Media points out a bad side where people misuse AI. Some are copying what works for others and making a lot of low-quality videos. This makes it hard for real, original content to get noticed because there's just too much spam.

There's a whole system out there making money from this spam. They use AI to find popular topics and then make similar but not as good videos. These spam videos get everywhere, making it tough for the good stuff to shine. While it helps some make quick money, it hurts the overall quality of videos on TikTok.

The problem is not just with TikTok. As AI gets better and easier to use, this issue could spread across all social media. This is worrying for several reasons. It makes us wonder if we can keep enjoying genuine and creative content online. Also, it shows how important it is for websites like TikTok to find and stop spam better. If they don't, we might end up drowning in fake content, which could make people trust and use these platforms less.

This situation with TikTok and AI spam makes us think about how technology affects what we see online. The future of online content is at a crossroads. We need to find ways to use AI that encourage real creativity and protect the space for original creators. What happens next depends on how well creators and platforms can handle these new challenges.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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