Google's Updates for Digital Markets Act Compliance

Google is making changes to follow new European rules called the Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company shared a list of over 20 updates affecting how we search, see ads, and handle data. These changes will impact regular users, advertisers, and app developers.

One of the changes in search is that Google will start showing price comparisons from other websites when you search for flights or hotels. Until now, Google's own price comparison, like Google Flights, was what you mostly saw. But after some complaints from other price comparison sites, Google will now include their information too, at least in Europe.

For Android users, it will be easier to choose different search engines or browsers instead of Google's own. There will be screens that let you pick these when you set up a new device, in settings, and at other times. Google started this in 2021 but will now offer even more options. They plan to bring this choice to Chrome on computers and to iPhone users soon.

Google is also changing how it deals with ads. Users will need to say it's okay for Google to use their data for personalized ads. This might happen through settings or pop-up messages while browsing.

App stores have to let apps offer different ways to pay, according to the DMA. Google is introducing a way for apps to use their own payment systems, especially for games. This should make it simpler for app developers to offer their own payment options.
Google will also share more data with advertisers in a safe way that keeps user information private. They're also launching a tool on Thursday to make it easier for users to move their data away from Google's products.

Lastly, Google hinted that some of its services might not work as well because of these changes. They suggested that features like product recommendations across different Google products might be affected.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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